Bon Jr.

He threw it on the ground!


“Yo, are you hyped up for this wedding or what? Man, by boi Caramel is gonna wreck dat ass!”

He often threw things (and people) onto the ground.

Bon Pinecone II begrudgingly responds to the nickname “Bonbon”, though he prefers to be called B-Dawg (Though no one ever refers to him as such). His parents call him Jr.

As the youngest son of a rich influential family, B-Dawg has access to a great amount of resources, clout, and influence without any real responsibility. Instead of making something of himself with this opportunity he frequently exhibits reckless, impulsive, and violent tendencies, while indulging in various self-destructive vices.

Bon Senior married an upstanding and suitable Eladrin noble of high status and class. They were well respected as a shining example of the picturesque Eladrin noble family. Then B-Dawg was born. That’s when things got out of control. Despite providing B-Dawg with a stable loving home, an upstanding education in both formal education and etiquette, and every luxury imaginable, B-Dawg grew up a very angry and excitable young man. B-Dawg’s parents’ mistake was probably only loving him too much, protecting him from repercussion for his outrageous behavior he never learned that it was not okay to act like a total asshole.

In an attempt to straighten him out, his parents sent him away to boot camp where his behavioral problems often earned him repetitive, punishing exercise and degrading, menial tasks. However, it was far too little, far too late. He was only dishonorably discharged early and returned stronger and more violent than ever.

B-Dawg wants to throw things (and people) onto the ground.

I want B-Dawg to throw things (and people) onto the ground.

B-Dawg’s favorite candy are actually Bon-Bons, though he will deny it to his dying day.

B-Dawg is completely unawares of all of the drama going on with his family members, being both too ignorant and too self-centered to become aware of any of it.

His father is siblings with Caramel Pinecone’s mother. He’s the youngest son of his parents. All of his siblings are upstanding decent Elardin nobles making him the bratty black sheep of his immediate family.

Caramel Pinecone is his cousin. From B-Dawg’s point of view, he believes that Caramel must be quite excited to be marrying Strawberry, whom he believes will have her ass enthusiastically wrecked by Caramel on their wedding night.

Elestorm Snowcone is Caramel Pinecone’s childhood friend, and a fellow Eladrin noble. B-Dawg considers Elestorm a close family friend, though the feeling might not be mutual. He didn’t often spend time with his cousin and Elestorm, but he saw and knows enough of Elestorm and Strawberry Snowcone to at least to know that he and Strawberry were very close and often happy together. From his perspective, B-Dawg assumes Elestorm would be excited about the wedding.

He still throws things (and people) onto the ground, quite often. His class is Fighter, and he’s strength based. He fights with one hand unarmed and one hand wielding a spiked gauntlet. He also carries a two-handed great axe. 90% of his powers result in throwing the target prone. The rest of his powers either grab or drag grabbed creatures.

B-Dawg once went to his favorite snowcone stand, as he often did, and the vendor greeted him with a large smile, “You come here all the time! Here’s one for free.” B-Dawg promptly replied as eloquently as he could possibly manage, “Man! What I look like? A charity case?”

He took it and threw it on the ground.

While in public, shopping at one of the finest public markets B-Dawg was approached by his then romantic partner. She handed him a communication crystal and informed him, “It’s your dad.” He promptly replied as eloquently as he could possibly manage, “Man, this ain’t my dad! This is a crystal!”

He threw it on the ground.

Bon Jr.

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