Caramel Pinecone

When will it ever work for him?


Caramel was born and raised in Conacopia in the Feywild until he left at the age of fifteen because of his overbearing mother trying to force him into an arranged marriage.

An elven swamp hag named Ysulu aided him in his escape from the Feywild, but his freedom did not come without a price: Giving up his virginity to the disgusting hag. This encounter contributed to Caramel’s growing disdain for women.

After escaping he spent some time living in the forests surrounding various settlements, honing his skills and becoming a ranger.

His love for alcohol began when he had his first taste of it at a local tavern in Fallcrest. He wandered the streets drunk until a female dragonborne trampled over his favorite boots. He subsequently killed her in a drunken brawl and bedded her grieving husband, Niko Nightwalker.

Caramel was recently turned into a vampire by being scratched by one in battle with his teammates. This transformation, along with Niko betraying the entire party for ultimate power, caused him to leave the party while Winterhaven was celebrating the defeat of the death cult. Grief caused him to go crazy for a few months as he lived by himself in the woods.

Due to Caramel becoming a vampire he often has trouble remembering names, places, and events unless they were particularly memorable to him.

Niko Nightwalker was Caramel’s lover for a brief time before he subsequently found out he had killed his wife. Caramel loved him dearly even though the feeling wasn’t reciprocated by Niko. Selfishly cared only for himself and when he was offered ultimate power, he betrayed the party and broke Caramel’s heart. He has escaped jail and is stuck in a pyramid.

Flana Pinecone was Caramel’s overbearing mother and also a powerful sorcerous. She tried to force him into an arranged marriage. Even though she was blind to Caramel’s sexual orientation and what he wanted in life, she genuinely thought she was doing what was best for him in their society by marrying him to eladrin royalty. A fierce matriarchal and stern woman.

Elestorm Snowcone was Caramel’s close friend before he ran away. Elestorm often bested him in almost all the classes in Conucopia Academy, except Archery and Ettiquete classes of course.

Pylex Scone was a schoolmate of Caramel back in Conucopia Academy. He came across as a bully in Caramel’s point of view despite him not being like that at all. Pylex’s mission is to retrieve Elestorm and bring him back to the Feywild. He has feelings for Strawberry yet the sight of Caramel stirs something in his heart that he’s never felt before.

Loves to drink alcohol and is almost always slightly buzzed while in combat, it’s rare to see him sober. Ever since he turned into a vampire he cannot partake the alcohol directly, so he decided to only feed on drunk people in order to get that buzz he misses.

He’s extremely proud of his physical appearance to the point of being arrogant. Should anyone make an attempt to mar his facial features will cause him to go into a hissy fit.

Extremely prejudiced against any female elves, which developed from Ysulu raping him. His blatant disregard and hatred of them stems from this traumatic incident.

He’s developed paranoid tendencies. He often checks something twice even if his companions have already checked and distrusts any newcomers.

Caramel only remembers some of the things he learned in school if it was taught by an attractive male.

Caramel Pinecone

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