Elestorm Snowcone

All that, and a bag of chips.


Although, a member of the Winter Court, Elestorm has a much sunnier disposition than his fellow courtiers. But he can be as spiteful as the most cold-hearted of Winter Fey.

Instead of having pale, cadaverous skin or hair as black as frigid night, he resembles eladrin of the Summer Court with his bright, blonde hair that banished gloom and skin so fair it challenged the sun. This has led to much speculation as to whether he is of pure Snowcone blood amongst his peers.
His uncle Zaluonir Eira Côn, the Archfey of Conacopia-in-Winter, has refused to swear allegiance to the Prince of Frost and has invited the wrath of several factions of Winter Fey against him and his demesne.

Elestorm has been sent out to fetch Caramel Pinecone to unite the two Côn families and thereby get the allegiance of the Summer half of his demesne.

His cousin, Strawberry Snowcone, had fallen in love with Caramel and has publicly announced to commit suicide unless she is wedded to him by the time of the next Court of Stars.

Elestorm’s mother is the Dowager Duchess of Tealwood as his father died very early in his childhood.

Caramel Pinecone is Elestorm’s childhood friend and the two have shared many fond memories. These include Elestorm besting Caramel in ALL their classes at Conacopia Academie.

Elestorm is extremely fond of swords and will go out of his way to examine one that has taken his fancy.

When the White Lotus Academy was invited to teach at Conacopia Academie, he was one of the students who protested an alien school teaching foreign curricula. But he was also one of the first students to earn a certificate of completion from the White Lotus Academy Feywild Chapter.
Elestorm carries with him a lyre of ivory and gold but has no idea how to play it. Though he cannot play, he can sing a fair tune but is bashful when confronted with an audience.

He is also a very, very light drinker. A thimble of alcohol is enough to put him in a drunken stupor. While in this state, he is prone to sharing his vulnerabilities and secrets. He will not recall anything of his drunken experiences.

Though he is winter fey, he has trouble walking on ice. His peers often teased him about this in his youth.

During his time at the White Lotus Academ Feywild Chapter, he was introduced to what will become his guilty obsession to five strapping eladrin youths by the name of Wand Erection.

Elestorm Snowcone

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