Jakkios Frost

A half-Eladrin veteran from the Royal Army.


Often ridiculed for his heritage, Jakkios has steeled himself against the spiteful ways of his fairer brethren. His seemingly cold demeanor belies an unparalleled passion for his service, and he’s at his best when he’s working to serve the interests of his Commanding Officer.

Early in his career he distinguished himself in battle against the firbolgs that invaded Cornucopia. He was separated from the Hammer of Dawn legion of knights in a skirmish against firbolgs. Since there aren’t any credible sources of what happened next, I’m going to go off of the next best thing: hearsay and rumor. After he cut himself out from under the biggest firbolg ever, he jumped off a cliff and broke his fall with his face, just because he’s that tough. Then he got ambushed by Unseelie raiders, caught an arrow in his heart, pulled it out and killed all the warriors with it. On his way back a Hag crossed his path so what did Jakkios do? He head-butt it to death, then he found its offspring and broke their ribs just for pissing him off. Then he chopped down a tree with his undoubtedly large penis, built a raft out of it and rafted down the green river. That’s the damn truth—more or less. Jakkios Frost is a real man and one tough son of a bitch. He deserves utmost respect for being such a badass.

Jakkios has been enlisted in the Royal Army for as long as he can remember. He has very few memories of his mother and none of his father. His late human mother would often tell him stories of his Eladrin father, a prince of the wintercourt at the time.

Recently he has returned to more civilized lands on special assignment. He pursues a deserter who has knowledge of grave importance on the war against the Firbolg tribes.

Jakkios Frost

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