Leonard Faust

Currently a hand maiden...


Thespian – From an early age, Leo has been trained in the theatrical arts by his parents who are part of a traveling performing troupe. He was raised on the stage, and as such he is an excellent actor and can display a full range of emotions despite being empty inside.
The Act Must Go On – Leonard is neither a true hero, nor a traditional villain. He walks his own path. He gathers good favor by doing good deeds and posing as an innocent young boy, but deep down he is dark and twisted. Behind closed doors, when he thinks he can get away with it, he reveals his true nature. He is very careful about this, and spends more time keeping up his act than being himself, but even while he is performing, he is still furthering his own ends.

More, and More, and More – The only thing that Leonard respects is power. All forms, including both political influence and physical combat. He only feels truly fulfilled when he is increasing his own power, or using the strength he has accumulated. Despite being emotionless, he pursues this ambition to become as powerful as he can, out of this respect for power. He is pursuing this interest to its logical conclusion. That being world domination. Additionally, it was this respect of power that led him to pursue the art of the blade.

Prodigy – From an early age, Leonard found it easy to ‘understand’ things. Perhaps this is due to his unique lack of emotions. With out them to cloud his judgment, he found it easy to focus on his studies and training. Additionally, he was also found to be very talented at healing magic from an early age. However, he never pursued this talent, favoring the art of the blade out of respect for power.

Anti-Smile Collection – Leonard collects light blades and other weapons and tools that could be used for torture.

Sociopath – Leonard is almost completely devoid of emotion and conscience. He is driven mainly by logic. He was born this way naturally. Out of character, it is explained as simply as a result of a chemical imbalance, although most people in game would probably believe it is the work of evil spirits or demons.

Costume Change – Leonard’s duality is further expressed by the way he dresses and arms himself. He wears a large white cleric’s robe, that represents the innocent act he puts on for all the world to see. Hidden underneath, he wears tight, dark black, leather armor and is armed with many blades. Some are hidden, but many are visible for intimidation purposes. This outfit of course represents his true nature.

Leonard Faust

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