Pylex Scone



Pylex is a spring fey who attended Conucopia alongside Caramel and Elestorm. He grew up learning the art of war and was among the top of his class. Once he graduated he joined Conucopia’s military as an officer following the orders of his family.

His family, the Scones, have a long history of being Conucopia’s top military commanders and tacticians. They are known to be very strict and lack any real fear of anything, but when spring comes around they become more relaxed and festive. Their festivals and parties are even more lavish than any celebrations thrown by the Pinecone family. The Scones are next in line to rule Conucopia-in-Spring, yet the current ruling family (the Snowcones) have been tightly holding on to their position of power. This has brought the ire and anger of the Scones, whose patience has run thin for the Snowcones. They seek to restore the balance of power in Conucopia.

Pylex’s time in the military has been marked by exceptional service and discipline to follow orders. He enjoys the battlefield against worthy opponents and carved himself a position as a fine general.

He desires no political power for himself and hates attending any political assembly. He’d rather be out fighting.

When dealing with any politicians or aristocrats he’s generally polite to them outwardly, but he also dislikes them because their political machinations could possibly affect innocent people.
Pylex first developed feelings for Strawberry Snowcone back when they both attended Conucopia Academy. Strawberry noticed that he was all bruised up and sore from training with three other cadets in the courtyard. She bandaged him up and helped him heal from his injuries. This act of kindness caused Pylex to fall for her.

Upon his return from a military campaign, Pylex was given the task of retrieving Elestorm and bring him back to the Feywild as a personal favor for Strawberry.

Pylex is aware of his growing attraction to Caramel and feels conflicted because he still has feelings for Strawberry.

Strawberry Snowcone is the object of Pylex’s affection. She is kind for a winter fey, but her cold manipulative side surfaces when it comes to things that she wants; namely Caramel Pinecone.

Len Scone was Pylex’s military instructor and uncle who taught him all he knew. Pylex’s father become deathly ill and made Len believe he would be next to rule their family when Spring came.

Sylex Scone is Pylex’s ailing father. He is one of Conucopia’s oldest eladrin alive and it’s nearly his time to pass away. His sickness has caused him to become mute and unable to name an heir, but it would obviously be Pylex since he is his eldest son.

Pylex is very stoic and disciplined when he’s, “on duty,” or in other words, out traveling with companions or fighting enemies.

However, once he’s ,“off duty,” he cuts loose and has fun. He has a particular fondness for bodyshots.

He is terrible at gambling.

He’s very skilled at hiding any physical attraction he has for certain individuals, yet also has the worst poker face when he gambles.

Pylex Scone

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