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Many years ago Veetor Snowcone, only son of the Archfey in Winter, became terribly mad and had to be locked away in an arcane prison located not far from Conacopia. Location of the prison is kept secret to the commonfolk, though they do know of Veetor, and is known only the ruling families of Conacopia. Traveling within 10miles of the prison is forbidden, and punishable by banishment. Attempting to enter the prison is punishable by death, assuming one does not trip the ‘safety measures’ put in place to ensure Veetor is securely put away.

Caramel Pinecone had gone missing from Conacopia for many years. During Caramel’s hiatus, Strawberry Snowcone threatened to kill herself if she is not wed to Caramel by the next Court of Stars. However, thanks to the valiant efforts of Elestorm Snowcone, and Pylex Scone, Caramel Pinecone has been brought home for the wedding. Preparations are currently underway for the wedding of the century.

The past couple of months have been filled with disaster for the denizens of Conacopia. A group who identifies as “The Unseelie” have been raiding caravans from the western routes of Conacopia. Often the raids are targeted at supply caravans from the gnome farming villages. The Silverflame caravans, however, have not suffered from these raids. When confronted on the matter Thamos Silverflame declares that he has better guards than Conacopia has to offer. The western raiders are not the only troubles, however.

Centaurs are roaming out of their home, and into the nearby forests, drastically affecting the famed Huntsmen of Conacopia.

To the East, a massive incursion of Firbolgs has kept the Royal Army occupied. The Firbolgs have raided many villages, and camps, but have yet to occupy any of them. Their tactics seem to be hit hard, fast, and efficiently often disappearing back into the wilder lands of Conacopia’s demesne. While some Firbolg parties have been stopped, caught, and interrogated, their lack of structure within their society yields little information about any other Firbolg parties. However, one thing is certain, they are migrating emasse from their primary homelands, the glacial peaks on the edge of Conacopia, to their ancient homeland (what is now present day Conacopia). Little is known about what is causing this mass migration, as accounts from captives are unclear and many seem to have amnesia when trying to recall the events that initiated the exodus from the Glacial Spire Mountains. The Firbolg have taken this mass exodus as a sign to retake their ancient homeland.

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